Park Regulations

The aim of The Petrified Forest Park Regulations is to control the public entry and use of the park to ensure a proper visitor management, safety and satisfaction as well as the protection and sustainable use of our natural resources. All visitors must adhere to the Park Regulations otherwise will be subject to a violation by Egyptian laws number 102/1983 and 4/1994.

Park Open to Public

Subject to these regulations, the public shall have freedom of entry and access to the park for the purpose of recreation and the enjoyment of the park.

Take nothing with you... Leave nothing behind you

All visitors should respect all the natural and physical components of the protected area. No fossils, plants, animals, wildlife or any natural or cultural items may be removed from the park. To cut, damage, destroy or be in possession of any plant or part thereof, including petrified remains, dry wood or firewood is a serious offence. Importing of any specimen of an alien or listed invasive species into a national park is prohibited.

Adhere to Gate Time

Gate times must be strictly adhered to. Please take note of the different times that apply at gates and also camps within the parks. After hours driving is not allowed and could result in a violation being issued.


No Feeding or Killing of Animals

Feeding, poaching and killing or injuring of animals is strictly prohibited.                                

Fire Hazard

Starting or causing any fire, whether it be intentional or unintentional other than in a fireplace or container purposely made available is strictly prohibited and will result in a violation being issued.



Behaving in an offensive, improper, indecent or disorderly manner including the playing of any radio, compact disc player, music system, musical system or instrument, or in any way cause of any noise in any manner likely to disturb any species or specimen or other person is strictly prohibited and will be fined if not adhered to. The hindering, intimidating or obstructing of an authorized official in the execution of his/her duties or the performance of his/her functions will not be tolerated and is subject to a penalty. Violation, refusal or failure to obey or comply with any prohibition, request or instruction imposed by these regulations or by the management authority or authorized official will result in prosecution.

Restricted Areas

The Park Authority is closing and/or restricting access to specific areas due to their ecological importance. The visitor should check signs on all established roads, tracks and sensitive areas to make sure if access is allowed or restricted.


No person shall enter, travel in, or leave the park in or with any vehicle other than by roads or tracks or routes designated as access routes by the Park Authority. Vehicles must remain on the designated roads at all times and off-road driving or driving on closed or no-entry roads is a serious offence.

Drive Safely

General rules of the road apply within the park. It is an offence to drive on Egypt’s roads without a recognized driver’s license or under the influence of alcohol. Driving or operating any vehicle in a reckless or negligent manner or in a deliberate disregard for the safety of a person, animal or property is a serious offence and can result in a violation being issued. Driving a vehicle in a manner that constitutes a nuisance, disturbance, inconvenience or danger to any other person may also be subject to a violation being issued. Please adhere to speed limits within the Park.


Please enlighten yourself with the rules and regulations applicable to the use of roller bicycles and motorbikes as there are restrictions in the park.       


The use of drones inside (and over) national parks is strictly prohibited   

Use of Park Amenities

All park visitors should use all park amenities in a proper and responsible manner including parking areas, toilets, road, track, building, camp site, picnic area, or other amenity in any park.

Prohibited Items

No person shall enter the park with any trap, snare, or poison for the hunting of wildlife.

Notices Prohibited

No person shall post any poster, flyer, or any publication within the park without the prior written permission of the Park Authority.


No person shall leave the park without ensuring that all litter for which he or she is responsible has been deposited in a litter receptacle or removed from the park.

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