Park Rangers

Park Rangers are the keepers of our natural resources and protected public lands. Their mission is to preserve and protect our national parks for public use and enjoyment today, and for many years to come. Park Rangers are there to educate the public, enforce the law, provide interpretation and education for visitors, respond to emergencies, as well as to implement and support conservation efforts so future generations can enjoy these ecologically and historically significant sites.

Park rangers form the thin green line that ensures protected areas can be enjoyed for generations to come. Whether working in law enforcement or visitor services, park rangers are key to creating a safe, fun and enriching park-going experience. 

The Petrified Forest Protected Area Park Rangers work hard to ensure conservation, education and sustainable use of the park’s resources. They love to meet park visitors, give them information about the park and ensure that their visit is enjoyable and safe. Please be in touch with our Park Rangers where needed!