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A natural reserve which carries along with it at least 35 million years of our earth’s history. The area, which lies in the suburbs of the Fifth Settlement about 18 km away from Cairo’s Maadi neighborhood, is also known as Gabal El-Khashab, which translates from Arabic into “Wood Mountain”

The story behind the formation of the petrified forest goes back to the Oligocene era (a geologic epoch of about 30 million years ago), when an ancient branch of the Nile carried trees along and deposited them in the area. The trees were buried and changed in rocks aloge millions of years.

For those who are interested in ecotourism and sustainable tourism, this is a must-see given its historic and scientific heritage. The Petrified Forest is a glimpse of the preservation of the planet’s physical and geological history.

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The Petrified Forest — also known as Gabal Al-Khashab, or Hill of Wood is located in the fifth settlement by the German University in Cairo.

Declaration and Classification
The Petrified Forest Protected Area is administered by the Nature Conservation Sector of the Ministry of Environment in Egypt.

Park Significance
The Petrified Forest showcases the remains of a forest that existed 35 million years ago.

Petrified Remains
Throughout the small reserve, there are colossal amounts of unmatched sizes and shapes of petrified woods.

Geological Significance
The site’s tree trunks hold the remains and ecocide sediments in which one can see invertebrate fossils.

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The Petrified Forest Protected Area has been recently developed where special attention was given to improve visitor facilities and infrastructure. Ministry of Environment was committed to building new walking trails, installing information panels, directional signs, information points, camp sites, seating areas, and building the right facilities to ensure the inclusion of the persons with disabilities, along with advancing the infrastructure and all visitors’ facilities (bathrooms, information centers, and Ranger administrative offices).
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  • Petrified Forest Protected Area, Cairo, Egypt